Ron Amadeo

One of the most important tech stories in the coming years will be the bridging of the « digital divide. » Only one-third of the world is online, which leaves about 4.8 billion people unplugged with no way to access the Web. A lot of work needs to be done on the ISP side, but people in these poorer countries will need devices, too.

Here at Ars, we’re trying to go on a bit of an international tour. We’ve already checked out the surprisingly good Xiaomi Mi4 from China, but, at $350, that’s way too expensive for most of The Disconnected. We’ve got our eye on the Android One event happening in India in a few days, but at a rumored price of $115 to $165, those are still pretty expensive.

In India, the average salary was $1,570 in 2013 (compared to $51,755 in the USA), which makes ~$150 a pretty big purchase. So we need to go cheaper. That leads us to what is probably the world’s cheapest smartphone, India’s Intex Cloud Fx, which costs a whopping $35 (Rs 1,999)—that’scheap.

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