OrangeTesla Motors and Orange Business Services are partnering in order to provide wireless connectivity to Tesla Model S owners in #France, as per a recent press release.

The new partnership doesn’t represent the first such deal for Orange Business Services, as it has been “supporting sustainable transportation” since its Smart Cities & Territories program launched back in 2011.

Via the utilization of Orange’s mobile networks and SIM cards, French Tesla customers will now be able to make use of the company’s extensive interactive navigation services, web browsing, and Internet radio, amongst other things. The partnership will also allow for the distribution of over-the-air updates of M2M software, and remote diagnostics, of course.

#Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service, stated: “We are excited to bring the connected Model S to our French customers. An excellent customer experience is paramount, and we know this is possible through the quality of the Orange mobile network and the company’s constant pursuit of innovation.”

“Tesla is a world renowned brand, and we are thrilled to be their trusted partner as they enter the French market,” stated Pascal Ancian, Vice President Mobile, France & International, Orange Business Services. “We look forward to innovating side-by-side with Tesla to enrich the connected car experience for all consumers.”

On an interesting end note, soon enough, it won’t just be the Model S (or the Roadster) that will benefit from this service, as there will be a significant number of Model Xs on the roads of the world by the end of 2015 — all receiving over-the-air updates via Orange. Presuming all goes according to plan, of course.

Image Credit: Orange Business Services


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