Today, Italian maker Davide Marin launched his LumiPocket DLP 3D printer on indiegogo. Marin is the man behind LumiFold: a small and portable 3D printer that you can put in your your backpack or briefcase to travel with. It works with photo-polymeric resins and is priced only at € 295 ($ 400).

Marin’s newest product, LumiPocket is presented at the Maker Faire in Rome this weekend. TheLumiPocket is the smallest portable, light curing DLP 3D printer.

Using photo-activated liquid polymer and a DLP projector, the LumiPocket prints object layer by layer. The UV light from the projector mounted above the vat hardens each layer of the object and fixed the position. Then the tray moves downwards, exposing the next layer of the object to light.

The LumiPocket replaces the disposable vats with a transparent bottle for printing and resin storage. It connects with resin containers, and can be setup to print up to three objects with different colors or materials. « Changing material on your printer is as simple as swapping the vats. » Marin notes.

For the LumiPocket you have to bring your own projector. But almost every DLP projector can be used.

Marin and his team has also designed a cross-platform software that takes your 3D files (STL) and generates path information (G-code) for your 3D printer. The software assists you with calibration of the projector. And you can also use its integrated 3D search engine to browse its basic templates and online 3d models repositories. It supports the Leap Motion, an innovative device able to track your gestures and hands movements, providing a new way to explore and model 3d objects.

Technical specifications

  • Building area: 100mm diameter x 100mm height
  • Z resolution: 50/100 micron
  • X and Y resolution: 50 / 100 micron depending on the projector used
  • Tested with SpotGP and FunToDo resins
  • Printing speed: 3000ms-8000ms / layer

« Lumipocket is an upgraded version of LumiFold. » Marin told us. « It is more compact, but with the same printing area. »

Early backers (only limited to 20 earliest backers) can get an assembled LumiPocket 3d printer, along with one carriage and one vat, USB cable and power supply, protective gloves, user manual and software for $379 (€303), projector is not included. The estimated delivery time is around February 2015.

« To thank all people who supported us in first stages of our project, we decided that, in case we will reach the target of our new crowdfunding campaign, all backers of our previous Lumifold’s campaign will receive a free LumiPocket. » stated Marin. Check out Lumi Industries’ indiegogo campaign here for more details.

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