Course Overview

Mockito is an open source testing framework for Java released under the MIT License.The framework allows the creation of test double objects (mock objects) in automated unit tests for the purpose of Test-driven Development (TDD) or Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

As the official documentation states: “Mockito is a mocking framework that tastes really good. It lets you write beautiful tests with clean & simple API. Mockito doesn’t give you hangover because the tests are very readable and they produce clean verification errors.”

In this course, you will dive into the magic of Mockito. You will learn about Mocks, Spies and Partial Mocks, and their corresponding Stubbing behaviour. You will also see the process of Verification with Test Doubles and Object Matchers.

Finally, Test Driven Development (TDD) with Mockito is discussed in order to see how this library fits in the concept of TDD.

About the Author

Hugh is a Senior Software Engineer and Certified Scrum Master based in Galway, Ireland. He achieved his B.Sc. in Applied Computing from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2002 and has been working in industry since then. He has worked for a several large blue chip software companies listed on both the NASDAQ and NYSE. His main areas of interest include Core Java, JEE, Spring, Design Patterns, TDD, Maven and Agile Software Development.

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