Simulation modeling is one avenue for predictive analytics. Simulation models allow you to explore different scenarios to predict what might happen based on probability distributions for certain events. One Java library that I like to use for discrete-event simulation is Stochastic Simulation in Java (SSJ). The SSJ library contains Java classes for distribution fitting, goodness of fit tests, random number generation, random variate generation, a simulation clock, simulation events, and output data collection. You can also easily opt to collect output data with your own user-defined data structures or something like the Apache Math Commons’ SummaryStatistics class.

Distribution Fitting

Suppose that you have read your data into a double array of size n called data. To fit an exponential distribution to your data, you can use the static method:

lambda = ExponentialDist.getMLE(data,n);

This method returns the maximum likelihood estimate of the distribution parameter. In order to test the…

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