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Recently, I am thinking of learning the Python language for Math programming.

An advantage for using Python for Math Programming (e.g. testing out some hypothesis about numbers), is that the Python programming language theoretically has no largest integer value that it can handle. It can handle integers as large as your computer memory can handle. (Read more at: http://userpages.umbc.edu/~rcampbel/Computers/Python/numbthy.html)

Other programming languages, for example Java, may have a maximum integer value beyond which the program starts to fail. Java integers can only have a maximum value of $latex 2^{31}-1 approx 2.15 times 10^9$, which is pretty limited if you are doing programming with large numbers (for example over a trillion). For instance, the seventh Fermat number is already 18446744073709551617. I was using Java personally until recently I needed to program larger integers to test out some hypothesis.

How to install Python (free):

Hope this is a good introduction for anyone interested in programming!

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