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You have a scrum team which usually consists of 4 developers (one being a team lead), a tester and a Business Analyst (optional). We need to consider other resources like architects, ux, database experts and product management.

Resources: 6 scrum team members + 4 solutions members @ 10% involvement = 6.4

Cost: $50 (or use another currency) per hour

Time: Lets take 8 hours per day

Daily cost: 6.4*50* 8 = $2560 burn rate per day

Sprint cost: 2560 * roughly 10 days = $25600

Ofcoarse this cost could vary depending on the size of your organisation. You can easily add other resources like customer support, CTO, CEO and other resources to this estimate. The point of this exercise is to understand the value of the shippable software at the end of each sprint.

For $25600, are you building software that is reducing technical debt, functionality that will actually be used by…

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