Tom Blanchard

As part of my attempt to keep playing with bits of hardware, and procrastinate, while I write up my PhD I recently decided to make a wireless accelerometer. I’m not quite sure what gave me the idea, other than the fact I had an ADXL345 accelerometer module sat on my desk, unused. Instead of my usual « stick it all together and play with the resulting mess » I decided to have a think about what I wanted to do first.  Here is the list:

  • Sense three channels of accelerometer data at 100 Hz.
  • Send the data back live.
  • Display the data on some form of graph.

Not a very big list, but still, useful to have. I had a large number of Moteino boards sat on my desk so I thought I may as well use two of them as the basis for the project. The Moteino really is suited to this sort…

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