I compiled this plugin and used this compiled version for a long time on Alfresco CE 4.2.c and it worked and is still working!
Now I upgraded to 4.2.d and reinstalled the Plugin as described. The menu-entry is available for the OO/LO Documents. But when I press this entry, LibreOffice will only ask for my credentials for Alfresco and then do nothing.

I get the following error on my client-pc in /var/log/messages :
Sep 12 14:36:04 kernel: [ 5275.158028] soffice.bin[5531]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fcff1ac28a3 sp 00007fffe9f65320 error 4 in libucpcmis1lo.so[7fcff1aab000+32000]

The problem exists on all of my three test notebooks. Two are using Fedora 19 and one Mint Linux 19.

Are you able to open documents on 4.2.d by using the native browser of LibreOffice? Eg. not using share to open a document.

Why I’m asking, is that this sounds like a LibreOffice error. If this error is reproducible when opening documents directly from LibreOffice, I’d say that the error lies there or in Alfresco.

This module is only responsible for launching LibreOffice with a shortcut to the Alfresco document to open.

Thanks for your reply.
I checked, if it works with the Option « open in Browser » and it works!

So it seems to be an error with Alfresco itself because LibreOffice and your Plugin works well with Alfresco 4.2.c

Is this error reproducible by any other person with Alfresco 4.2.d?
Maybe I did something wrong while installing the addon…

Yes, but does it work to open the document from libreoffice not using this plugin as described here (although the process differs in the current libreoffice version, its almost the same):http://blogs.alfresco.com/wp/wabson/2012/11/01/cmis-support-in-libreoffice-experimental-features/


I tried this method now and it does not work properly.
LibreOffice is not able to fetch a repository from the new server. The old server works quite fine.

So the problem is the CMIS support?! Do you know where I can enable or disable this feature?

Edit: Got it to work with an other URL: http://:/alfresco/service/cmis
Now CMIS is working in LibreOffice and I can edit and upload documents directly from libreoffice

Marcus Svensson


Great, but this module will probably still not work!
The url you are using is deprecated, and now it seems that /alfresco/cmisatom is also deprecated in favour for the new public api.

I just read a blog post of Jeff Potts where he described that there has been many changes to the CMIS implementation in the 4.2.e release: http://ecmarchitect.com/archives/2013/09/15/3554

So what I need to do next is to change the configuration possibilities of this module so that they work with different alfresco versions. I’m afraid I have no eta for when to do that right now, but will do as soon as possible.


I searched the URL in your sourcecode but wasn’t able to find it. The only thing I found is « ALF_CONTEXT » in « /libreoffice-launcher-applet/src/main/java/com/redpill_linpro/libreoffice/LibreOfficeLauncherApplet.java ».
Can you give me a hint where to change the URL to match my setup?

Marcus Svensson



Its in the libreoffice-actions.js at line number 161: var alf_context = parse.substring(parse.indexOf(« / »)) + « /cmisws/RepositoryService?wsdl »;

Where cmisws/… should be switched to the correct endpoint of your choise, such as the /service/cmis. Just make sure you reach the web service endpoint and not the atom one as the atom one does not work very well with LibreOffice.



I modified the path in libreoffice-actions.js and recompiled the plugin and it just works! 😉
Thank you very much for your support and for your genius plugin 😉

Marcus Svensson


Np, glad to be of service. This will be better configurable in the next release.


As you wrote, CMIS implementation changed a lot in lastest alfresco releases.
Please, may you update to libreoffice v4.3, a great one and may you feedbak about the good work of your existing configurations and setup? Do you check better performances? no side-effects?
Thanks for you collaboration and feedback 🙂
Regards, nicolas

Marcus Svensson


marsv024 commented on 4 Aug

I’m awaiting the release of LO 4.3.1 release which will contain several vital bug fixes, when it is out and I’ve been able to verify that it works fine I’ll release a new version based off the develop branch containing all fixes.



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