The net neutrality debate is hitting a critical juncture. The FCC will soon say whether it will allow internet providers to give special treatment to some websites over others — in the form of paid « fast lanes » — or if it will reimpose the previous rules that required ISPs to treat all web traffic alike. For now, the smart money is on the fast lanes.

A big reason for that is because net neutrality’s one-time corporate champion, [company]Google[/company], is twiddling its thumbs while a group of relative lightweights like [company]Netflix[/company] and [company]Etsy[/company] publicly take up its former fight. While Google (like everyone else) has paid lip service to an « open internet, » and called for wireless companies to be included in the new rules, it has not come out in favor of using « Title II, » which is the FCC’s only legal option to impose net neutrality.

The search giant’s silence is causing chatter in Washington, where insiders offer…

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