DevOps Is Common Sense...

I recently setup a new CI/CD platform for a project written in Python based on my default choice of Jenkins, however I noticed that the VPS I was running it on kept killing Jenkins because I was running out of RAM.  Sure enough, « free -m » revealed that I had under 20M free on the system just by starting Jenkins.

I tried tweaking the Java memory requirements but that just prevented Jenkins from running at all, so I started looking for a Jenkins replacement that I can run happily on my systems (i.e. « behind the firewall ») with minimum RAM requirements and support private repos on github/bitbucket (I don’t ask for much do I? 😉 ).

After looking at drone.io, codeship.io and TravisCI, I found Strider – an OpenSource CI/CD tool written in Node.js and ready to run on Ubuntu 14.04 (my current OS of choice).

Strider also has plugins for Slack

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