AddOn for OpenOffice.org (and LibreOffice) to export documents to Google Docs, Zoho & WebDAV servers created byPrzemysław Rumik

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs plugin

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs (OOo2GD) is a plugin to OpenOffice.org/StarOffice (should work also with other Offices derived from OpenOffice.org) which will let you export and import your documents, spreadsheets and presentations to and from Google Docs, Zoho. It will let you also export your files to WebDAV servers and « synchronize » your documents, spreadsheets and presentations with Google Docs.

So, you can:
OOo2GD may work in English, Bulgarian, German. Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chines (Simplified), French, Czech, Hungarian. To change your language use Configuration window.
If you want to share your opinion about OOo2GD you may do it by filling this survey form:

OO2GD survey form

Times change, and APIs change. So not all features work now 😦 Here short table showing what works:

Document type Upload as GD doc Upload file Update as GD doc Update file Open GD doc Open file
Text document OK OK OK OK Doesn’t work 😦 Doesn’t work
Spreadsheet OK OK OK OK OK OK
Presentation (as PPT) OK OK OK OK Doesn’t work 😦 Doesn’t work
Drawings N/A OK N/A OK Doesn’t work 😦 OK

Autoupdate doesn’t work at all.

Where OOo2GD works for sure (I tested it personally):

System LibreOffice OpenOffice.org
Windows 7 3 and 4 3.x
Linux (Ubuntu) 3 3.x

You need to have Java installed to make OOo2GD work.

Ubuntu 9.10 users, please read #7 on KnownIssues.

Mac OS X users, please read MacOS_Support (it worked with OS X 10.4 aka Tiger, now it doesn’t work because Apple changed something in theirs Java, and now any of Java extensions for OO.org doesn’t work).

If you have problems with OOo2GD create Issue or go to my Google Profile and use it to communicate with me.

Easy way to export and import your documents from OpenOffice.org 2.0.4+ or StarOffice 8+ to Google Docs, Zoho & WebDAV servers.

To download it go to Downloads or to OOo2GD side in OpenOffice.org extensions repository

You will need Java 5 SE and OpenOffice.org 2+ or StarOffice 8+ (LibreOffice 3.3 and OO.org 3.3 works too, those OO.org 2+ and StarOffice 8+ are minimal versions needed to work with OOo2GD).

My first description (in polish) here.


(c) 2007-2010 by Przemysław Rumik



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