In this article regarding alfresco content life-cycle we had seen that once alfresco content is being deleted from alfresco user interface it will not directly deleted. It will be moved to alfresco trashcan so accidentally if you have deleted something from alfresco share or explorer user interface need not to worry about it. You have different ways to recover those items.

Trashcan Manager From Alfresco Share

Alfresco provides trashcan feature where admin has capability to restore deleted items. For recovering deleted items you need to follow these steps.

Step 1

Login as alfresco administrator

Step 2

Go to alfresco Admin Profile page.

Step 3

Click on trashcan link

Alfresco Share Trashcan

Step 4

Use filters to reach to item which you have deleted. As you can see in image alfresco have various filters through which based on time of deletion you can find out item which you want to recover.

Alfresco Share Trashcan View

Step 5

Select Item or content which you want to recover and click on recover link. Content will be restored to place from where it had been deleted.

NOTE: There is also button “delete” once you click that selected item will be permanently deleted. You will not be able to recover it afterwards.

Alfresco Explorer also provides same functionality. To access trashcan from explorer you need to go to alfresco admin profile page. There you will be able to see “Manage Deleted Items” link which will lead you to trashcan manger. You can do all those operations from this dialog as well.

Alfresco Explorer trash can

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