Alfresco indexes all properties of alfresco contents and actual text from content for some of the content types (ex.word,pdf,doc). Indexing of text from content is only possible for all content types for which conversion to text file possible because Alfresco internally use Lucence to index everything and Lucene only able to read text file so, when you upload pdf file internally it gets converted into text file and then consumed by Lucene to index all its data. This is how it works but sometimes we have requirements where we do not to index some of the contents

How can we control indexing for particular content?

You can control index by using cm:indexControl aspect. All we know that to add metadata to the content item aspect is being used. Alfresco Share provides you with a list of default aspects. This is one of the aspect cm:indexControl which is useful to set up the indexes in Alfresco Share

With the help of this cm:indexControl aspect you will be able to control indexes for the control items.

The following table shows the possible combinations of settings along with the behavior for each case:

cm:isIndexed cm:isContentIndexed Result
True True Metadata is indexed. Content is indexed.
True False Metadata is indexed. Content is not indexed.
False True No indexing at all.
False False No indexing at all.

Here are two properties of this cm:indexControl aspect which will allow configuration of indexing of nodes to which it is applied.

  • cm:isIndexed ((content + metadata)): This property controls whether the node is indexed or not.
  • cm:isContentIndexed: This property controls whether the node content (binary) is indexed or not. Setting this to false inhibits full text indexing of the document binary.

Using this aspect you can choose to disable repository-wide indexing. This can prove useful in situations, such as bulk loading.

Hope this gives you very good insight on indexing and how to control indexing for particular content.




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