Before my first visit to Stockholm to attend an Alfresco Share workshop, I was asked to come up with something interesting and useful to be developed during the workshop. I was giving it a thought and suddenly, it felt that Alfresco is missing something that I have become much familiar through the last few years. What is it? Gamification.

Of course, you already might have been awarded a few badges on your social sites like Stack-Overflow, foursquare, gowalla, getglue and many more . If you are still unfamiliar with the concept, try the below introduction.

Simply explained, gamification makes engagement more fun. It is the bigger and virtual version of being awarded a candy whenever you do something good when you were small. The users who positively engage with the system will be rewarded with virtual badges for their activity with the system. It also brings excitement and a sense of appreciation for the users.

Alfresco Gamification Addon contains two components built separately.

Rewarding Module : Awards badges to the users based on activities performed on Nodes. This attaches itself to Alfresco Default behaviors noticing changes made by the users.
Rewards View Dashlet : A Simple Alfresco Share Dashlet which displays the badges the user has achieved.

Additionally, it is possible to publish user rewards to the Alfresco Activity Feed. However, this was not implemented in the first release.

The Alfresco cm:user model is extended to add a mandatory aspect which keeps track of user activity and badges.

This is how it looks like when you have it installed and added to the users dashboard.

Alfresco Gamification Dashlet

Clicking on a badge would display a text explaining the reason for the badge.

Text explaining the reason for awarding the badge.

The badges used are from symb.ly (Thank you guys!) In future versions of the addon, expect some Alfresco exclusive badges.

The addon is now available on github on the following locations. Give it a go and feel free to extend and make more additions, you will be able to contact me via github or through comments. :-)



About Bhagya Nirmaan Silva

simple and open hearted 🙂 about.me/bhagyas

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5 Responses to Introducing the Alfresco Gamification Addon

  1. Erik says:

    Nice work mate!

  2. Nice Work Mate!. Learned about something that i have seen before but never knew about it in details . Great Job ! :)

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