To download llvm :

LLVM download page

To build and install llvm :

  1. get LLVM compressed file  :

    • cd where-you-want-llvm-to-live
    • uncompress the  file and rename it to llvm
  2. get Clang compressed file :

    • cdwhere-you-want-llvm-to-live
    • cdllvm/tools
    • uncompress it and rename it to clang  ( you will have where-you-want-llvm-to-live/llvm/tools/clang/ )
  3. get Compiler-RT compressed file:

    • cdwhere-you-want-llvm-to-live
    • cdllvm/projects
    • uncompress it and rename to compiler-rt (you will have where-you-want-llvm-to-live/llvm/projects/compiler-rt)
  4. Configure and build LLVM and Clang:

    • cdwhere-you-want-to-build-llvm/llvm
    • ../llvm/configure
    • make  [REQUIRES_RTTI=1]*[-j] — The -j specifies the number of jobs (commands) to run simultaneously. This builds both LLVM and Clang for Debug+Asserts mode. The --enable-optimized configure option is used to specify a Release build.

*  REQUIRES_RTTI=1 enable RTTI : generating typeinfo for class like gcc compiler

to check if the rtti enabled you can verfiy for example libLLVMSupport.a with looking for MemoryObject with this command :

nm -C Release+Asserts/lib/libLLVMSupport.a |grep -w MemoryObject


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