Exponential Value from Connectedness

Conventional vs NoSQL

Conventional RDB’s require a lot of maintenance, significant overhead in operating but mainly the biggest problem is that specifying static schema for data is incredibly time-consuming, error-prone, changing frequently it is just so 2000s pre-agile way of operating. Today people want to collect data and decide later what fields to put in, what fields are interesting to look at, what the format will be. People want to explore data and add data in an agile way and then build business rules and intelligence quickly. RDB’s are too hard.

Problems with RDBs

1)  Too hard to add new data sources

2) Complex Schema Specifications take too long

3) Changing Schemas is hard and potentially impactful on applications

4) RDBs scale to a limited size which in todays world is simply too small for much of the data we want to look at

5) RDBs and the tables in…

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