A few days ago, a Solr server in our SolrCloud installation stopped unexpectedly. After examining solr.log file I spotted that it could not start again because index.20140510031827076 file was corrupted. After some searching I found this Lucidworks article which described how to deal with a corrupted index file. So I proceeded to the following steps:


This procedure may result in unrecoverable data loss. It is vital that you backup your index before performing index checking and repair.

  1. Find the guilty index file containing the corrupted segment. For me it was located in:
    C:/Program Files/apache-solr-4.6.0/example/solr/hellaserver_shard1_replica4/data/index.20140510031827076
  2. Find Lucene core .jar file. I work with Apache Solr 4.6.0 so it is a file named lucene-core-4.6.0.jar. It is usually in $SOLR_HOME/example/solr-webapp/webapp/WEB-INF/lib/lucene-core-4.6.0.jar. So, switch to the directory where it exists:
  3. Check the segments of the corrupted index file in order to identify the problematic segment. To accomplish that, run:

    The check results…

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