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Spring Boot is really amazing for getting started quickly with a new Spring application. By default, your application is contained in a single jar when packaging it. This has some advantages, but what if you want a « classic » layout with a config folder (for your application.properties or logback.xml files) and a lib folder?

Getting Started

This blog post will show you a way of doing this using Maven and the Maven Assembly Plugin.

First, we create a simple project using the Spring Initializr. I opted for Java 8 and selected the « Web » dependency. The current Spring Boot version is 1.1.8.

This gave me a zip file with the following structure:


For some fun, I added a simple rest controller:

Running this application and pointing to http://localhost:8080/test/ returns « Hello World » in the browser.

We can now inject a different value into ‘helloValue’ by adding the…

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