Efficient Creation of Eclipse Modules with Maven Archetype

eclipse-moduleMaven Archetype is a project templating toolkit that provides developers with the means to generate parameterized versions of built-in or custom scaffolding artefacts. Recently I applied it to our XiliaryP2 repository to achieve automation of Eclipse module stubs creation.

As it worked out well enough, I thought it might be worth while to share my experiences in this post.

Maven Archetype

Maven Archetype allows programmers to setup scaffolding quickly and consistent with respect to conventions and best practices prescribed by a project or organization. It comes with set of predefined templates to ease generation of commonly used structures.

For a list of default archetypes provided by Maven please refer to Introduction to Archetypes, section Provided Archetypes.

Generation of a web-app project stub for example can be based on the archetype maven-archetype-webapp:

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